Georgia Nature Center Student Guidelines
Please read this page completely before visiting the center.
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Guidelines for Students
Feel free to email this page to other students, or print it to give to them.
The tour includes approximately one mile of walking on trails in the woods, broken up into short 10 to 15 minute walks. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty. The trails are easy for most people, though a few of the trails can be slightly muddy after a heavy rain. If there is any chance of rain on the day of your tour, please bring appropriate rain gear. Most of the tour is conducted outdoors.
In most cases, we can conduct tours regardless of the weather. We have a 1,400 square foot tent under which we can present many of the interactive demonstrations about renewable energy, carnivorous plants, organic farming, etc. In the event of an unexpected severe storm, we will monitor weather radar, and if appropriate, direct you back to the buses or other vehicles for shelter until the storm passes. If time allows, the tour can continue after the storm has passed. If due to severe weather you are unable to complete at least 75% of your tour, you will be given a coupon good for one-free admission to the center to be used to visit again anytime within six months.
While on trails you must walk single file, you must never wander off marked paths, and you must stay behind any safety fences, railings or flagging. This is important for safety reasons and to avoid disturbing plants and wildlife. For the best chance to see wildlife during a tour, you should speak quietly and keep talking to a minimum while on nature trails. You must also be silent when any of the nature center staff are giving a presentation or discussing something along any of the trails.

Ticks are common during warmer months of the year. For best protection from ticks, we recommend you spray your shoes and socks with a repellent containing DEET before leaving for the center (assuming you are not allergic to it). Please check with your parents first before using any product containing DEET. For even better protection, you can tuck your pants into your socks before spraying them. Since ticks walk up from the ground, this will keep most of them off, and also keeps you from having to spray repellent directly on your skin. Many people don't bother with repellents, we simply mention this here for those who like to go the extra mile to avoid tick bites.

On occasion snakes are found along nature trails, and while most are not poisonous, some poisonous snakes are seen in the area on rare occasions. Do not to touch any snakes you may see, and immediately notify a Nature Center Staff member if a snake is seen so that it can be identified and safely removed from the area.

In case of any type of emergency, please immediately notify a nature center employee wearing a STAFF shirt.
Souvenir items such as solar-powered toys and carnivorous plants are available for sale at the Nature Center Store. During most tours, contests will be held to award some of these toys and plants free to one or more students. If you might want to purchase solar-powered toys or carnivorous plants, please bring a small amount of cash with you. These items are available at prices ranging from $5 to $20 each.
If you are physically disabled or may be unable to walk the trails for any other reason, please notify us in advance (call 1-800-800-2SUN) so we can make arrangements to accommodate you. We have other activities which can be arranged for students with disabilities, and we have an ADA compliant restroom.
Following are items you may wish to bring along:

Bag lunch.
Bottled water or other drinks.
Comfortable shoes for walking on trails.
Rain gear if there is any chance of rain.
Insect repellent.
Cash for snacks, drinks, or souvenirs.

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