Georgia Nature Center Field Trip Reservation Form
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Field Trip Reservation Form
While we can accommodate groups of any size, we recommend for the best experience
that groups over 300 people be broken up into smaller groups over multiple days.
Tours can last 1 to 3 hours, and will be adjusted to meet your travel schedule on the tour day.
Step 1
Call 1-800-800-2SUN to ensure your desired tour date is available. Enter your reservation number here:
Step 2
Enter selected tour date & time:
Day of Week:
Date: ,
Approximate Start Time:
Step 3
Calculate the total cost of your tour:
Number of Students: x $5 each
Number of Teachers: x $1 each
Number of Other Adults: x $10 each
(Teachers may be required to show school ID for discount.)
Note: If the total number of people in your group changes, you can pay any additional due on the tour day, or if there is a decrease in size, a refund will be mailed to you.
Step 4
Provide your contact information:
Your Name:

School or Business Name (if applicable):



State: Zip:

Your Email Address: (Please double-check for accuracy!)

Step 5
Specify Payment Method:
Credit Card
School Purchase Order
Purchase Order # (if applicable)
You can bring payment on the day of the tour,
mail your payment in advance, or call us at
1-800-800-2SUN for credit card payments.

If the total number in your group increases, pay additional due on tour day, or if a decrease, a refund check will be mailed to you for up to a maximum of 50% fewer students. Field trips can be cancelled or rescheduled at no charge within 7 days of placing reservation. There is also no charge for cancelling or rescheduling your trip at least 30 days before reservation date, or for rescheduling in the event of a severe weather watch or warning on the field trip date. If you need to cancel, you must call 1-800-800-2SUN and get a cancellation number. If the school does not show up on the reserved date, and fails to cancel or reschedule at least 30 days before the tour date, a cancellation fee of $3 per student listed on the original reservation will be billed to the school. If school cancels within 30-days of tour date, school may apply the cancellation fee toward an educational assembly presented at the school by a nature center guide on the reserved date, subject to availability and travel limitations.

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