Georgia Nature Center Field Trip Scholarship Program
Scroll down to apply for a grant for your school providing
discounted admission to Georgia Nature Center.
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Grant Application for Field Trips through August 2008
Would you like to bring your students to Georgia Nature Center, but can't because of budget limits?
Apply here for our Scholarship Program. If your school wins a grant from this new program, your
students can visit Georgia Nature Center at reduced cost.

Please complete all information below to ensure your application gets reviewed.
Step 1
Provide your contact information:
Your Name:

School Name:



State: Zip:
Telephone Number(s): (Please include cell phone if you have one.)

Your Email Address: (Please double-check your email address for accuracy.)

Step 2
General tour information:
Grade Level(s) of Students Taking Field Trip:

Can you take a field trip on a weekend?
(You are somewhat more likely to get a grant if you can visit on a weekend.)

What is the minimum notice you must have to schedule a field trip in order to notify parents, arrange for buses, etc.?
(The less time you need, the more likely you are to receive a grant.)

Please list any dates between now and August 31, 2008
on which you CANNOT schedule a field trip:
( include dates for your summer break unless you can bring a summer class)

Step 3
Additional questions:

What is the most your school can pay per student for admission:

(Our normal fee is $5 per student. The larger the portion of this fee your school can pay, the more likely you are to be awarded a scholarship.)

Approximately how many students will be attending this field trip:

(The larger your group size, the more likely you are to receive a grant.)

Will your students be allowed to purchase educational items such as carnivorous plants or solar toys from our gift shop?

(Since we obtain much of our support by selling merchandise in our gift shop, your school will be more likely to be awarded a scholarship if students are allowed to make purchases.)

Will parents be allowed to attend along with the students?

(You will be more likely to receive a scholarship if parents are allowed to attend. Parents who attend may have to drive themselves and/or pay our normal admission fee.)
Step 4
Please write up to three paragraphs describing why your school or class should receive a grant to visit Georgia Nature Center:

(If you have submitted a prior application, you can write "see previous" rather than writing again.)

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